Greetings Friends:

These prayers are meant to be prayed either in community or in solitude. If done with a group this can be read as a responsive prayer with a leader reading the regular print and the rest of the group reading the bolded print. These prayers are posted at the beginning of each week and are based on the Watchword for the Week as found in the Moravian Daily Texts. To get more information and purchase your own copy of the Moravian Daily Texts, or to sign up to recieve them via email go to http://www.moravian.org/daily_texts/ You can find more information about the Moravian Church at http://www.moravian.org/ .

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  1. Joan Cotterill says:

    I have discovered your daily prayers through the reading of the Moravian magazine. What a wonderful offering they are. Thank you for all the thought and preparation you give to this endeavor. I think that you and your wife, Tina, were on Craig Atwood’s trip to Germany some years ago.
    I am a member of Home Moravian and my husband David and I traveled with your parents to Herrnhut for Zinzendorf’s 300th birthday.

    As a matter of curiosity, what is the location of the beautiful photo at the top of this page?


    Joan Cotterill

  2. Greetings Joan:

    Tina and I were on the trip with my parents for the Zinzendorf’s 300th with you and David. What a wonderful trip that was. Thank you very much for your feed back. I do hope that these prayer can help to offer you a companionship with our Lord. I cannot claim any credit for the picture that appears at the top of the prayer page. It was one of many for me to choose from the in the photo gallery when I set up the page. I did like the feeling of a journey down a road, and the two sheep off to the left remind me of who we are as sheep and that Jesus is our shepherd.

    Peace in Christ

  3. Happy to have discovered the Daily Prayers for Moravians. I will spread it to my congregation. I am pastor of the Moravian Society (Sozietät) in Göteborg, Sweden.

    God Bless!

    Joakim Johansson

  4. Marjorie Guindon says:

    A big thank you to the Happy Valley Moravian Church in Labrador for posting the link to Daily Prayers for Moravians on their Facebook page. I live in New Brunswick, Canada where there is no Moravian Chruch. I am delighted to be able to access this site 🙂 God Bless!!!

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